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Fantasy Faire



To provide a fully immersive event experience with highly authentic character impersonations and performances.

Our goal is to provide North Carolina with a premiere children’s entertainment option that will spark imaginations and instill magical memories. Having had years of experience in the industry, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and dedication to character integrity. With theme-park quality costumes and inspiring theatrical performances, no aspect is overlooked.

We guarantee that each experience with Fantasy Faire Character Company will whisk you away into a world where you and your child will become a part of the magic.

Why Choose Us?

Our beautiful state is filled with character companies that are ready to dress up and attend your next birthday. At Fantasy Faire Character Company, it's more than just dress up for us. These characters are our first role models as children, and we take pride in bringing these larger-than-life fairytale characters to reality in a way that is true to the stories we've heard for years. We have done extensive research to find high quality, handmade costumes (no mass produced costumes) that are sure to wow even the adults at each event. From accurate shoes to princess perfect wigs, Fantasy Faire Character Company has taken every measure to provide the highest quality character entertainment within our state. Hover over the picture to the left to see some of the details that help our company stand apart from the rest. 

But our passion doesn't stop with the costumes and wigs. Each performer is hand selected and given specialized training to accurately portray each character they are approved for! This includes how each character walks, how to properly emulate the voice, how to pose, how to apply the makeup, and more. It's all in the details - just ask your kids! We are sure they know exactly how Cinderella's hair is supposed to look, or how long Elsa's cape should be. (Trust us - kids point these aspects out to us!)

Finally, this is our passion. There are few things more heartwarming in this world than to witness a child seeing her favorite princess walk through the door on her birthday. We live for the warm hugs, the magical memories, and the moments we share with each and every child (and adult) that we are able to interact with.