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- W A Y F I N D E R  O F  M O T U N U I -

Wayfinder of Motunui

Make way, make way! This daughter of the village chief is certain to make a grand entrance at any special event. Her bodice is patterned with beautiful markings to help remind her of her ancestors and story. The red top is adorned with double rows of authentic puka shells all the way from Motunui -these details make such a difference! Let's talk about her seafaring skirt. With a replica design that is familiar to her character, accents of tassels, a red sash, and hundreds of suede "leaves" for her grass skirt, she is the picture of perfection. Around her ankles, she wears grass anklets and puka shells because her heritage is important to her! And last but not least is our favorite accessory - her grandma's necklace that held the beginning of her adventure across the seas, the heart of Te Fiti. With magnificent rich brown waves of hair cascading down her back for the final touch, she's complete. Invite the Wayfinder of Motunui to your next event and see just how far you'll go for party perfection!