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- N E V E R L A N D -

Tinker Fairy of Neverland

Anything is possible with a little faith, trust, and pixie dust! The Tinker Fairy of Neverland is a magical addition to any special event. Her iconic green dress is custom printed to resemble a leaf print, adding to the element of pixie size! Scattered throughout her dress are hundreds of sparkling crystals that dance and play in the light. This Tinker Fairy has her blonde hair swept into a big bun, then tied with a shimmering ribbon to finish it off. With her green flats adorned with big white poofs, she is ready to take flight and play all day! Last but not least, her wings. They are the pixie perfect size to dance around parties and designed to replicate her original wing style. And wow, do they sparkle! From her bun to her toes, this Tinker Fairy is full of pixie dust and ready to meet you! Book the Tinker Fairy of Neverland for your next special event and even the biggest non-believer is sure to believe in fairies!