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- Q U E E N  O F  A R E N D E L L E -
Queen of Arendelle

Inspired by the snowy nature of the North Mountain, this queen’s fierce ensemble is one that you’ll not want to let go! Sleeves of a soft powder blue extend to a point over her fingertips and are elaborately adorned with thousands of meticulously placed Swarovski crystals to mimic her ice powers. Her silver-blue bodice shimmers brilliantly, designed with countless hand-placed sequins and trimmed to a point at the bottom. With frosty blue fabric patterned with silver tinsel, her skirt is just as spectacular as the rest of her costume. Trailing seven feet long, her cape billows magically behind her and is decorated with a faint glitter snowflake design as though she stepped right out of her ice castle and into your home. Her snowy blonde hair is whisked back into her iconic side braid, complete with a set of twinkling snowflake hairpieces. The Queen of Arendelle can make any party a memory frozen in time!