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- E N C H A N T E D  C A S T L E -

Princess of the Enchanted Castle

Say ‘bonjour’ to this beauty! This gorgeous pale yellow gown is perfect for a regal, yet provincial girl, with a huge heart. The bodice is a work of art, accented with glittering golden roses and sleeves that drape off the shoulder delicately and meet in the middle with a hand swirled fabric rose. Her skirt, designed with rich yellow velvet, stunning embroidered organzas, and decorated with handfuls of dainty roses, is sure to amaze. Paired with elbow-length, pale yellow gloves and rose adorned earrings, she is truly a sight to see! Her chestnut brown hair is elegantly spiralled in long curls and large, sweeping bangs frame her face. A beautiful golden hairpiece holds her hair in a small bun at the back of her head to provide her classic appearance. Make your next event a tale as old as time and book the Princess of the Enchanted Castle!