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- N E W  O R L E A N S -

Princess of New Orleans

Hop on over to see this bayou inspired beauty and her jaw-dropping lilypad dress. This princess is dressed in hues of greens, yellows, and whites to mimic the swamp in more elegant fashion. Yards of buttery yellow satin and soft organza create the base for her skirt while textured fabrics in green and ivory shaped into leaves drape over the hips. Her bayou bodice is patterned in a uniquely flattering shape which also resembles the leaves of a lilypad. This princess loves her accessories as well, including a large flower and vine pin on her hip, a leaf tiara (complete with crystals), handmade beaded necklace and earrings, with stunning white ombre gloves to match! To match the elegance of the gown, her hair is delicately styled into a classic french twist. Invite the Princess of New Orleans to your next party and experience the mardi gras magic for yourself - you're almost there!