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- P R I N C E S S  O F  C O R O N A -
Princess of Corona

When will her life begin? The moment when she’s booked for YOUR party, of course! You’ll fall in her love with her bubbly personality and fawn over her fun, purple dress. Her skirt is the perfect length for both twirling and exploring the world outside her tower! Yards of lace line the hem of her skirt and her bodice, while colorful embroidery dances around the edges of her skirt panels to show her spunky personality. Staying true to her classic character, she has gorgeous golden locks that are styled into a long braid and placed over her shoulder to prevent any tangling. Colorful flowers decorate her braided hair. With an impressive braid over five feet long and a dazzling crown perfect for a lost princess, the Princess of Corona will make your event the best day ever!