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- P R I N C E S S  O F  A R E N D E L L E -
Princess of Arendelle

For the first time in forever, this spunky princess is eager to show off her traditional Nordic inspired costume! Her royal blue tea length skirt is scalloped with purple fabric and fashioned with large tulip rosemaling. A minty green shirt adds pop of color to match her bright personality and is embellished with embroidery around the cuffs of the sleeves and at the collar. Her velvet bodice atop her shirt is trimmed with a beige border to contrast her colorful costume - don’t forget the custom designed embroidery that is created to mimic the rosemaling patterns on her skirt! No outfit is complete without shoes, and this princess would never leave the house without her decorative hiking boots - after all, you never know when you’ll need to hike up the North Mountain after your sister! Her copper hair is twisted into pigtail braids, even sporting her iconic white highlight. Take advantage of the open gates in her kingdom and book the Princess of Arendelle for your event!